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Tertiary Care Private Limited

#38 – Infopark TBC, JNI Stadium Complex, Kaloor, Cochin. 682017

Phone+91 80759 99168

Established in 2020, Tertiary Care Pvt. Ltd. is a company rooted in the Healthcare Service industry and primarily focuses on Telemedicine sector by developing platforms designed to ease the process of doctor-to-patient interactions - DRtoP (Doctor to Patient), developed by the company, is an exclusive and extremely secure video consultation platform that connects hospitals and doctors with patients online from the comfort of their homes. The application is intended to be used by doctors for setting up their own personal online clinics with minimal time and efforts. This also gives the patient the option to consult a chosen doctor anytime, anywhere from a location convenient to him/ her. All that is needed is a steady internet connection, and at the click of a button one can meet, interact, consult, get diagnosed and treatment can be initiated by a doctor of their choice.
With DRtoP, even patients from remote areas can consult leading doctors with minimal effort and no cumbersome travel. Currently, there are over 200 doctors registered on the application to provide online consultation. There is no need to even install a Mobile App as the application works seamlessly on any browser and gives an App like experience with rich features and high quality video chat embedded.