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Company Profile

Techanise Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

26A, Sector E, Ground Floor, Infopark TBC, Kaloor, Kochi - 682 017, India


Established in 2020, Techanise is a technology solutions provider focused on digital transformation and custom software development. We are a growing team of developers whose aim is to create robust and cost-effective solutions for startups and enterprises.

Bring visibility across your business

Techanise always stresses one factor when a solution is implemented. The visibility factor. A visible enterprise has many advantages. Techanise keeps in mind, all these benefits when we implement a solution, rather than a clear and visible solution. We also make our clients understand the significance of visibility. You can read along to see why we stress visibility in each and every project.

Solutions we offer

Web Application Development

Mobile Application Development

E-commerce Solutions

Internet of Things

Cloud Digital Transformation

Blockchain Development