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Company Profile

Daskalos virtual Academy pvt Limited

GA-2 , ground floor, Indeevaram. Infopark , Nalukettu Road , Koratty, Thrissur- 680 308

Phone+91- 9778968024

Daskalos Virtual academy Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based edu-tech Startup. The company carried out research on digital tuition concept in 2015 and launched its first phase classes in the play store in 2018 for Kerala state syllabus students. The company also launched classes for CBSE Syllabus, and other State Syllabi in 2021.

Technology changes every second, minute, and day. With the fast lane-changing technology and discovery of new roads, we drive towards introducing digital tuition classrooms for state syllabus as well as CBSE Syllabus.

“It’s not a lecture; it’s smartainment” - A smart way to teach and learn! Tuition classes will never be the same again! With a fevered team of educators, teachers, animators, and management we created material for the state syllabus aiming at the Indian market.

What is 90+ Digital Tuition?

Kids and Parents will love it all the same!
90+ My Tuition app - It’s more than just a tuition class. It’s a class you can never forget, as it gets imprinted on your mind forever. Moreover, it’s an easily accessible digital tuition class that can be viewed multiple times at your own ease and convenience.

Kids will want them and parents will be content to offer them to their children. They will find it fun to study and attaining high scores will finally become easy. It’s a stress-free method even for the parents as you can crosscheck how much the students have advanced through their lessons and how much scores they have attained in their mock tests. You can freely let them take their exams knowing beforehand that they will attain a 90+ score.