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in Kerala

Company Profile

Cavli Wireless

Wing 1, Second Floor,
Jyotirmaya Building
Infopark Kochi Phase II,
SEZ, Kochi, India


Cavli Wireless is an Internet of Things technology company that brings to market the primary blocks necessary to build, connect & scale 'Smart' Products around the globe. We have a portfolio that includes - Smart IoT modules integrated with eSIM, Global telco network access & IoT connectivity and Cloud platform for connectivity & modem management. We take away the headache of IoT connectivity management, so that ‘Smart’ product/solution makers can focus on their core business proposition, at the same time leverage the power of smart connectivity to improve their customer experience and optimize their product. Our customers are spread across industries & use cases ranging from asset tracking, smart street lighting to EV bikes and smart kiosks around the globe. We get to work with the smartest minds at emerging technology startups to established enterprises who have been leaders in their space for decades.