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in Kerala

Company Profile

Bhooshan Animations India Pvt Ltd

Infopark TBC,
No-112,First Floor,
JLN Stadium,Kaloor,


As a startup company, we are working in Kids Entertainment sector and our concept is To create an eco-system of India’s very own DIGITAL-FIRST KIDS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, We create, distribute fun and safe unique animated, live intellectual properties, Indian iconic characters and it’s affiliated products for children. Which encourages healthy values such as compassion, empathy and resilience ,while teaching fundamental life skills . We are a team of entertainment experts with an ambition to redefine the kids entertainment industry in this new digital age. We know where kids and what they like. This gives ‘Bhooshan Animation’ the power to create valuable content that parents trust ,kids love and available in the way they want it..

At Bhooshans, what we comprehend most, is one more element called ‘Structure’ which makes a business pragmatic. In the current scenario, where the kids entertainment industry is mushrooming remarkably, Bhooshan animations are destined to thrive as a premier India’s very own DIGITAL-FIRST KIDS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY in the world..