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Bhooshan Animations India Pvt Ltd

nfopark TBC,
No-112,First Floor,
JLN Stadium,Kaloor,


Bhooshan Animations India Pvt Ltd is Cochin,India based animation and media technologies firm.Creativity and time never likes each other; so we make them meet in person at Bhooshan Animations so that we can tell you wonderful stories with splendid animation visuals. We are trying to bring your life to a fantasy world where all the dreams and imagination takes it colours and shapes. It is about us, it is about you so it is easy to express and understand.

We specialized in creating own intellectual projects as well service based projects. Bhooshan Animations creates high quality animated visuals, entertainments, including CG animated films, animated cartoon Series, Television Commercials and ads, Music Videos like all kind of animated specials and series and live entertainment properties, meant for audience around the world.