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in Kerala

Company Profile

Roberts Design Services

Office 1A7, Level-1 , Wing A , Indeevaram, Info park Koratty, Kerala, India – 680308

Phone91 81 380 40 843

RDS team is a group of seasoned Design, BIM, Engineering professionals, whose depth of experience in producing fully coordinated Design through multi-disciplinary BIM projects and implementing innovative solutions to every aspect of their coordination and ensure capability of service delivery that is first in class. The RDS team is highly experienced, managing virtual design with deep, tier one technical expertise. We have significant global industry knowledge and believe in the legacy created by delivering great work. Our senior team includes early adopters of innovative technologies such as BIM, digital construction management in the segments of construction engineering and is in a continuous process of growth and development.

RDS pairs the latest technology with disciplined, buildable design to provide certainty and simplicity in the onsite delivery of projects. Functional technology improves coordination, reduces lost time, eliminates miscommunication and provides a virtual built environment for our clients before projects even break ground. Our global presence and use of world class communication and collaboration tools means RDS can deliver to any project, wherever you are in the world. Our ‘begin with the end in mind’ approach provides invaluable data for asset management of our built product through fully coordinated multi-disciplinary BIM management.