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in Kerala

Company Profile

TechNeurons Consulting Solutions Private Limited

15C, Tower 1, Trans Asia Cyber Park Infopark Kochi Phase 2, Brahmapuram P.O., Ernakulam – 682303

Phone+91 7736001502

TechNeurons founded in 2011 and headquartered at Cochin. Since its establishment, our company has achieved outstanding success in developing and delivering a stream of innovative solutions for projects and services in the global market. We see innovation as a clear differentiator, we challenge beliefs, concepts, and push it to boundaries. After 9 years, currently, we hold about 4 offices and active projects in multiple fields ranging from IoT to ERP. We believe that each of our products is unique, and we make sure that it is tailored to resonate with our company's character. For TechNeurons, people come first. We make sure our customers are happy by creating a unique work environment for our employees, which helps them to think creatively and build long term commitments with us. We can inspire people only by showing them how inspired we are by what we do. We make sure our work environment gives our employees a chance for learning, developing their ideas, improving their skills, and thereby helping us to create great products. We provide professional services in: Web & Mobile App Development Migrating Legacy Models to Cloud Data Warehousing & Analytical Solutions Consumer & Industrial Automation