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ALT-D Technologies LLP

ALT-D Technologies LLP
Unit VII D
7th Floor,
Carnival Infopark, Phase 3
Infopark Kochi 682030


ALT-D Technologies is the brainchild of four seasoned software engineers who took pride in what they do and believed that they could make the world a better place using technology. They believed that creating memorable experiences are the best way to connect with consumers and ALT-D was born to serve this purpose. With customers at it's heart, even today the tradition of putting clients and end users above everything else is prevalent in the entire workforce.

Technology is changing and it is doing so at a rapid pace. We ensure that every team member is up to date and ahead of the curve, allowing us to leverage some of the latest and most suitable tech stack for our client needs. Our goal is to provide our customers the means to effectively solve their problems or present and market themselves online successfully.