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Practicesuite India Pvt Ltd

3rd Floor, A – Wing, Thapasya, Infopark, Kakkanadu, Kochi – 682 030

PracticeSuite, Inc, is a fast growing cloud computing software company based in Silicon Valley, USA that provides a cloud based 360°Office Platform to healthcare facilities. With excellence in technology and innovation, an agile management team, high employee morale, high customer satisfaction and retention, grand product vision, spirit of constant improvements—PracticeSuite is poised to be the top cloud based solution in US healthcare. Our team consists of professionals that joined us fresh out of college and in 10+ years have been elevated to the best career position with broad technical and people skills with fulfilling and renewing professional life! To us, working at PracticeSuite is a pride and is our identity. As a company, we are a team of professionals on a mission, an extended family, that work together, have fun, share our ideas, voice our disagreements and relentlessly strive for constant improvements. At the end of the day, with a sense of accomplishment, we go home with content to have a meaningful personal life! (