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Neudesic Technologies Pvt Ltd

Phase-1, Second Floor,Carnival Infopark Kakkanad, Cochin -682030 Telephone :- 04844204222

Phone 04844204222
Neudesic, an IT consulting company based in California (Irvine), is operating in the US for last 16 years and in India for the last 11 yers. Neudesic is a trusted technology solution partner for leading enterprises in the areas of Microsoft , Amazon, Google, Data and advanced analytics, Analytics, IoT and Cloud technologies. Over these years, Neudesic has been focused on helping clients leverage digital technologies to improve operational performance, deliver their products and services more efficiently, and grow their businesses. Neudesic is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator and Gold ISV Partner with a proven track record providing reliable, effective solutions based on Microsoft’s technology platform. They are leading partners for Amazon and Google product suites.  Neudesic has worked with hundreds of global enterprise clients, covering industries such as financial services, utilities, hospitality, gaming, transportation, logistics, entertainment, HiTech etc Neudesic has a proven track record of successful venture capitalism. They encourage entrepreneurship and believe that in business, entrepreneurs make the best consultants and they also invest in products and platforms. Some of the leading products from Neudesic are Neuron, Pulse, HR Advocate etc  Neudesic’s diverse client base has fueled a flexible and creative company culture – hiring and training exceptional thought leaders, paired with a collaborative environment and the best technology, enabling transformative results for clients worldwide.  Neudesic comprises a group of diverse individuals. To be sure, we are technologists and business consultants at our core. But the layers of our unique experiences make us so much more. And it’s that ‘more’ that gives us the imagination to innovate.  We come from different parts of the world. From different backgrounds. We have different strengths, histories and interests. Individually we can make a difference. But together we make an impact. A note to the students We find some of the most promising employees on college campuses, and take special care to nurture budding professionals who choose to begin their careers at Neudesic.  Because today’s graduates are the leaders of tomorrow. You’ll train with some of the industry’s best and brightest to master the latest in-demand software development technology, and put your new skills to work delivering innovative, complex solutions to a variety of clients.  You’ll learn what it means to be part of our team from an assigned mentor who will guide you on the path to becoming a Neudesic employee.  We’re looking for exceptional students, passionate about technology, think analytically and communicate clearly.  An innovative environment stimulates. It excites. It rewards. It brings out the best in each of us. Neudesic was built for innovation.  “Over the years, Neudesic has become an industry leader. And much of our ongoing success comes from our employees – talented, dedicated and skilled people who call Neudesic their ‘career home.’  Here, we make sure each employee feels like an integral part of the team. We give them the tools and opportunities to achieve their professional and personal goals. And as we continue to evolve our business, we are determined to deliver even greater opportunities for learning, compensation and advancement.  We want our people to be happy. We want them to feel valued. We want each and every one of them to succeed. And we want them to do it here, at Neudesic.” — Parsa Rohani, CEO, Neudesic