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Company Profile

Hubbell Burndy India

'Athulya', First Floor, Infopark Kusumagiri P.O, Kakkanad Kochi - 682030



Incorporated in India in May 2011, BURNDY Technology and Global Business Private Limited also known as Hubbell BURNDY India is a subsidiary of parent company Hubbell Incorporated.

Hubbell is a US based international manufacturer of quality electrical and electronic products for a broad range of non-residential and residential construction, industrial and utility applications. With 2012 revenues of $3.0 billion, Hubbell Incorporated operates manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the People's Republic of China, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. Hubbell also participates in joint ventures in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and maintains sales offices in Singapore, China, India, Mexico, South Korea, and countries in the Middle East. The corporate headquarters is located in Shelton, CT. The three Key Business Segments are Electrical Systems, Lighting Products and Power Systems.

Hubbell BURNDY India operates out of two locations : Hubbell BURNDY Business Solutions HBBS at Infopark, Kochi and Hubbell BURNDY Engineering Solutions HBES at International Tech Park, Taramani, Chennai.

Our Services

Hubbell BURNDY India has been founded with the objective of providing quality shared services to Hubbell and its affiliates.

Our pillars of support are

HBBS, Kochi :

·         Management Information system

·         Competitive Intelligence & Market Research

·         Product Cross Reference Solutions

·         Environmental Compliance Engineering (ECE) Support

·         Product Information Management Systems Support

·         Transactional Solutions – Procurement & Finance

·         Embedded Services

·         Website & Mobile Application Development

·         Infrastructure Services

·         ERP Practices (SAP, BI, BO, MFG/Pro)

HBES, Chennai :

·         Reverse Engineering

·         Manufacturing Support : Master Model Creation, Pattern Plate & Core Box Design Support, Creating 3D Models in Pro/e, Inventor Software

·         FMEA, Concept Design & Tooling

·         Integrated Product Design & Development

·         Electronics Embedded system Schematics & Layout creation

·         Electrical circuit concept design

·         Application Engineering & component selection

·         Building Information Model (BIM)

Life at Hubbell BURNDY India

Ours is a vibrant, creative and collaborative working environment. We live by our core values which include  

1.       Integrity & Ethics : We hold self and others to highest ethical standards. We stand up for own beliefs and consistently “walk the talk” .

2.       Continuous Improvement : We are committed to excellence through nurturing individuals to grow through continuous learning and development. 

3.       Teamwork : We work in synergy and on the principle of mutual trust & transparency in a boundary-less organisation

4.       Respect : We value all employees, treat them with dignity and respect their individual differences, feelings and contributions. We respect the objectives and values of our stakeholders

5.       Equal Opportunity : We are an equal opportunity provider. We stand for meritocracy and sustain an achievement oriented culture.