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iLeaf Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Unit 3F, 3rd Floor, Carnival Infopark Phase II, Kakkanad, Kochi -30 Ph : +91.484.2988403

iLeaf Solutions is a leading software development company that specializes in cutting-edge MobileApplication Development by leveraging its innate off-shore value advantage. Our mobile applicationdevelopment and mobile platform expertise have provided exemplary solutions to our global client basefor over the few years delivering500+ mobile projects. We are committed to providing leading-edgemobile and smart-phone device technology at affordable costs to our global customers.iLeaf Solutions has expertise in mobile apps development on all popular mobile platforms; Android,iPhone and Windows Mobile. We are pushing the envelope of mobile platformcapabilities with the development of the most cutting-edge mobile applications for our customers. Weare assembled as a team of highly qualified mobile application developers, designers, creators and QAtesters who work on all existing and emerging mobile platforms for mobile apps development.We believe in providing our customer's with Best Price, Best Quality, Best Reliability and BestSupport. Our strength is our customer base, their support, business relationship and advices which have helped us to get better by the day.