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Company Profile

GSTi Technologies India Pvt.Ltd

Third Floor, Thapasya Building, Infopark Infopark P.O, Kakkanad Kochi - 682042

Phone0484 - 4070368

GSTi Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is an Information Technology, Engineering Services, and Science Support firm located in Infopark that has provided both the Public Sector and the Private Sector years of documented quality service. Headquartered in Bangalore, we have affiliated local offices as strategic partners in USA, Europe and Australia. 

GSTi India creates solutions to build, integrate and manage systems across a broad spectrum of industry and government. Our reputation is built on an unwavering commitment to a diverse customer base, valuable partnerships, and insights in recruiting/retaining the top performers. The world class solution centers in India can handle the most complex IT and Engineering projects. 

The following are the list of software products and services that GSTi has to offer: 

Software Products  

1.       User-Defined Operating Picture

2.       Monitoring Console Solution

3.       G-CRM

4.       QRecon

5.       Survey Shield

6.       Catalog Management

7.       BackOffice 

Software Services 

1.       AeroSpace and Engineering Services Solutions

 2.       Healthcare Solutions

3.       GSTi Logistics Management Solutions

4.       SAP Services

5.       Consulting Services

6.       ERP / SCM / CRM / EAI/PLM/RFID/RF/Barcodes Services

7.       Engineering & GIS Services

8.       Product Engineering /Testing Services

9.       Application Management Services

10.   Collaboration Suites

11.   Infrastructure Management Services

12.   Disaster Management

13.   Knowledge Management Office (KMO)

14.   COE (Center of Excellence) Building/Maintenance

15.   E-governance, e-commerce& Portals

16.   Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

17.   Custom Software Development Service 

We also have solutions serving the following industries/domains 

·         Logistics

·         Automotive/Aerospace/Marine/rail

·         Banking, Financial and Insurance

·         Power Energy, Utilities & Government

·         Healthcare

·         Design & Manufacturing 

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