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Thinkpalm Technologies Pvt.Ltd

1st Floor, 'Athulya' Infopark Kakkanad, Kochi - 682 030

ThinkPalm Technologies Private Ltd. is a product engineering and software services company, formulated by a team of entrepreneurs with boundless passion for technology and innovative thinking. Promoted by a multi-million dollar company, ThinkPalm exists to deliver products and services to clients spread across the globe. Aiming to achieve service excellence through integrity, reliability and our core values, company seek to provide an environment of equal rights and satisfaction to the employees and the stake holders, and thereby build up an improved social system. The founders of ThinkPalm bring in with them extensive experience in some of the most challenging markets viz. US, Japan and EMEA and hence seek to build an organization focusing on continuous learning & innovations, to meet & exceed the expectations of clients in these markets. The current business focus of ThinkPalm will be on two verticals namely ·         Enterprise technologies ·         Platform technologies Enterprise Technologies vertical In the Enterprise technologies vertical, ThinkPalm's initial focus will be towards developing a comprehensive software suite for Fleet Management. This software suite will be unique in its architecture and design and will become the flagship product of ThinkPalm in future. In addition, we also have expertise to develop Windows/ Macintosh/ Linux based applications and utilities, and web related product development. Platform Technologies Vertical In platform technologies vertical, ThinkPalm will focus on Software & Technology R & D Services in the following areas: ·         Telecom –Cellular Backend ·         Networking Domain ·         Embedded Domain ·         Mobile Application Related Technologies ·         Telecom testing services