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Company Jobs

Beth Soft Technologies India Private Limited

Room No. 39, Infopark TBC, JNI Stadium, Kaloor, Kochi - 682017


Career Opportunities:

Adobe Campaign Consultant

Required Skills:

• 2+ years of SQL development experience including ETL implementations
• 2+ years of scripting/programming experience (JavaScript preferred)
• 5+ years of enterprise software implementation/development experience
• 2+ years implementing Adobe Campaign for clients with
• Have worked on setting up a fresh instance of Adobe Campaign to go live for at least 4 clients
• Have setup ETL workflows with initial data loads and corresponding schemas and forms
• Have hosted deskside coaching sessions with clients demonstrating functionality built and enabling clients to use it
• Have created complex scheduled multi touch campaigns
• Have created complex deliveries with more than 5 personalization fields
• Good communication skills to ensure effective customer interactions, communications, and documentation
• Able to work independently with minimal supervision
• Ability to work under pressure, think quickly, delivering to tight deadlines
• Ability to work under flexible timings, 8 hours per day overlapping client time zones. Typically and 8 hours day between 0800IST to 1200EST depending on client location.
• Good presentation and customer facing skills
• Ability to manage multiple clients simultaneously, set and manage expectations with clients individually