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IT Destination

The Premium
It Infrastructure
in Kerala

Company Jobs

42Square Technologies

Office No.9,
Tower 1, 9th Floor,
Trans Asia Cyber Park,
Infopark Phase-II


Career Opportunities:

Senior Software Developer - WPF C#

Immediate hiring for five Senior Software Developers C# WPF MVVM Reactive Extensions library

Technical degree in computer science, engineering, or related field
5+ years of experience in C# .net, WPF
General overview of Presentation Model patterns with emphasis on MVVM and MVP
Well versed in design patterns, SOLID principle, OOP concepts and Functional Programming
Fluency in Data Binding concepts
Advanced WPF knowledge in Triggers, Value Converters, Static and Dynamic Resources, Templates, attached and dependent properties
Custom control development experience with good knowledge of layout panels
Good understanding of XAML
Knowledge of Reactive Extensions library - with experience in creating, reducing, aggregating, and transforming sequences.
Knowledge of Rx concepts like side effects, error handling, hot and cold observables.
Concurrency concepts like scheduling, threading, parallel programming and tasks.
Unit testing and integration testing