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in Kerala

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Cavli Wireless

Wing 1, Second Floor,
Jyotirmaya Building
Infopark Kochi Phase II,
SEZ, Kochi, India


Career Opportunities:

Back-End Engineer

Job Description:

We are looking for competent, self driven and passionate developers to be a part of our core engineering team. Our ideal candidate is an excellent problem solver and has exceptional coding skills.The candidate is expected to have hands-on experience building and deploying web applications in the cloud, with a strong preference for experience with the design and creation of a configuration-driven platform that can support multiple distinct customer implementations from a unified code-base.
Experience in Node.js, micro services, and APIs is required.

- Write and maintain scalable/reusable codes.
- Translating customer and business needs into scalable architecture and components that can serve millions of users every day.
- Establishing engineering tools and processes for feature tracking, bug tracking, build, release, test management, and support.
- Being involved in all aspects of software development.
- Create and own a high-performance and responsive API system which may be accessed from any interface - web,mobile or automated systems.
- Defining, creating and maintaining parts of the database system.
- Develop and architecture for security, scalability of users, data and ensure future maintainability of the product.

Required Technical Expertise include:
- Experience in working with schema-free/flexible databases using NoSQL technologies like MongoDB.
- Possess a solid debugging process and exhibit technical intuition.
- Experience in Node JS and its framework/libraries like Express.
- Good understanding of REST APIs and its security techniques.
- Build tools like Docker.
- Ability to build a feature from scratch & drive it to completion.

Preferred Qualifications :
- Bachelor of Engineering / Masters of Computer Applications