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Aceware FinTech Services Private Limited
infopark TBC,JNI Stadium,

Phone0806 898 3333

Career Opportunities:

Cyber Security Analyst

As a cyber security analyst, you'll need to:
* keep up to date with the latest security and technology developments
* research/evaluate emerging cyber security threats and ways to manage them
* plan for disaster recovery and create contingency plans in the event of any security breaches
* monitor for attacks, intrusions and unusual, unauthorised or illegal activity
* test and evaluate security products
* design new security systems or upgrade existing ones
* use advanced analytic tools to determine emerging threat patterns and vulnerabilities
* engage in 'ethical hacking', for example, simulating security breaches
* identify potential weaknesses and implement measures, such as firewalls and encryption
* investigate security alerts and provide incident response
* monitor identity and access management, including monitoring for abuse of permissions by authorised system users
* liaise with stakeholders in relation to cyber security issues and provide future recommendations
* generate reports for both technical and non-technical staff and stakeholders
* maintain an information security risk register and assist with internal and external audits relating to information security
* monitor and respond to 'phishing' emails and 'pharming' activity
* assist with the creation, maintenance and delivery of cyber security awareness training for colleagues
* give advice and guidance to staff on issues such as spam and unwanted or malicious emails.

Req. : Degree/diploma with 3+ Year experience