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13/39, NRI TBI,

Phone91 8891232004

Career Opportunities:

Junior Marketing Executive (Female)

Marketing Executive Job Duties and Responsibilities :

• Develop a marketing strategy in accordance with the overall company goals and vision
• Prepare and manage a marketing plan for an intended product, service, idea or event
• Help create and promote the overall brand identity of the company
• Be a vital force in the creation and distribution of all varieties of marketing materials
• Present projects to clients and work with them to strategize and improve the material according to their needs
• Plan, direct, and organize advertising and promotional campaigns/events
• Collect and analyze market research data and apply it to current projects
• Identify potential markets and test them extensively
• Provide updated status reports with statistics concerning current marketing projects
• Run campaigns across multiple social media platforms
• Design and oversee ad layouts
• Write copy and content for marketing material
• Attend marketing conferences and seminars as required
• Oversee and prepare marketing budgets
• Establish beneficial pricing strategies
• Foster and manage positive customer relationships
• Negotiate advertising contracts

Your Soft Skills :

• Communicate with clients & colleagues and build rapport
• Adaptability - a multi-task & stay organised
• Ability to work in a fast paced, deadline heavy environment
• Analytical thinker - notice patterns in data and reports
• Creative thinker - come up with ideas and be innovative
• Attention to detail - notice mistakes and pattens in data.