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NDimensionZ Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Ground Floor, Carnival Infopark Phase 1 Infopark Kochi P.O., Kochi – 682042

Phone0484 - 6689999

Career Opportunities:

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer


Developing algorithms to process and prepare raw videos/images, performing object detection
and tracking in videos and other CV tasks.
Performing exploratory data analysis of image data to extract useable patterns
Working closely with the transport operators and network maintainers to develop algorithms for
that utilize imaging/video data
Working with our software engineers and data scientists on the team to rapidly build, test and
deploy robust algorithms and data analytic solutions.

Skills and experience desired:

At least 5+ years of experience with computer vision technologies - 3 of which can be in
research and development experience in academia and 2+ in the industry. Holding at least an
MSc, and preferably a PhD in a scientific discipline such as Physics, Statistics, Computer
Science or Mathematics.
Experience in data analysis, cleansing, wrangling, aggregation and visualization with Python
and computer vision libraries such as OpenCV and NumPy (3-5 years)
Deep Learning implementation expertise (MxNet, TensorFlow, PyTorch etc.) (2+ years)
Experience with Object Subtraction, Neural Networks, People Detection and Tracking is helpful.
Experience working with large datasets and video files
Understanding how to perform exploratory data analysis without losing focus or getting lost in
detail / vast amounts of data
Strong mathematical ability
Good attention to detail; we want someone who enjoys making things great!
Prior work experience in an interdisciplinary team, preferably in both scientific research,
prototyping and production environments.
Built and deployed data analytics and predictive solutions on the cloud which are actively being
used in an enterprise environment
Outstanding coding skills with Python (3+ years) and C/C++ (1+ years) - knowing how to write
readable, well-documented and efficient modularized code in a version-controlled environment.
Excellent presentation, written, and verbal communication skills.