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Futurehook Technologies

2nd Floor, Phase 1 Carnival Infopark Infopark Kochi P.O. Kochi – 682042


Career Opportunities:

Design Engineer Embedded System

Futurehook is a Technology Innovation Company. We are a bunch of hardcore technology lovers who doesn’t want to settle. We believe in the evolution of technology and its way of changing human lives. Literally.

Futurehook aspires to be an organization which provides solutions to the next generation technologies such as IOT and AI. We plan to become a global leader in field connected home and building technologies.

Since recruitment is an automated process only Resumes/ CV submitted at Futurehook career page will be reviewed
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Job roles:

‐Design, prototype and verify systems for various embedded applications

‐Develop and maintain firmware for embedded platforms

‐Create and manage documentation for active projects

‐Test and debug embedded software and applications

‐Develop hardware and software specifications

‐Participate in code and design reviews

‐Provide technical assistance to clients and sales team

‐Develop tools and techniques for testing and verification

‐Review and FMEA analysis of Hardware designs

‐Hardware circuit optimization for reliability improvement

‐Review all the schematics, component routing and placements


‐ Work Experience of 1 to 3 years

‐ Experience in working with MODBUS RS485 and C BUS

‐ Experience in processor selection, various communication protocols (especially CAN / LIN / SPI / I2C / RS-232 / RS-485, Ethernet)

‐Experience on 8/ 16/ 32 bit micro controllers

‐ Extensive experience in micro-controller (ARM Cortex M, STM32, NXP Kinetis, Atmel SAM D2x/5x, Microchip PIC32 etc.), communication protocol.

‐Desirable Embedded software development using C, the C++ language.

‐Proficient in Embedded software development using Embedded C in RTOS environment (TheadX, FreeRTOS etc)

‐Knowledge or Experience in wireless devices like BLE, ZIGBEE, Z Wave

‐Experience in using DSO

‐Knowledge in MQTT and HTTPS protocols