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The Premium
It Infrastructure
in Kerala

Company Jobs


Thapasya Annexe
(Old NASSCOM office)
Near Thapasya Building
Infopark Campus,
Infopark Kochi P.O.,
Kochi – 682042


Career Opportunities:

Project Manager

Primary Responsibilities:-

*Build significant systems and features to think about how they can help their team hit their goals,
*To balance speed and tech debt and to ensure long-term health of the team and systems.
*Experienced and well-rounded engineers with significant depth in at least one part of the stack. Beyond being great engineers, they are also excellent communicators who enjoy supporting their teammates and interacting with other teams.
*To care about our users and our product and can make meaningful contributions to the direction of the product, in partnership with product management and design.
*To ensure the overall architectural integrity of DreamKatcher's systems through participating in cross-team design decisions and identifying technical obstacles and opportunities that impact the engineering team as a whole.

Some of our tech leads are also people managers, but that is not required for this position.

* Ship code to production ~100 times via our continuous deployment pipeline
* Partner with a product leader to shape the roadmap of your product
* Nurture less experienced engineers and take part in their joy as they take on more and more
* Pick up a few new programming techniques and hear about several new technologies from our continuously learning team
* Write lots of integration and unit tests
* Collaborate with really friendly and talented engineers from other teams and engage in many deep technical discussions
* Work with many parts of our stack: Python, AWS, Postgres, Node.js, Redis, Redshift, AWS Lambda, Docker, etc (it’s fine if you haven’t worked with this stack before)

We’re looking for engineers who:
* Are smart, friendly, collaborative, and intellectually curious
* Love to learn and teach, to be both mentors and mentees
* Have experience leading an engineering team formally or informally
* Possess good judgement on making technical tradeoffs
* Are sensitive to the needs and perspectives of others and care about creating a positive and inclusive environment
* Enjoy moving products forward quickly, but want to work at a sustainable pace—we avoid burnout so we can build a business with long-term value
* Have in-depth experience building web/mobile/internet products
* Note: distributed systems and high-scale experience are a big pluses, but not required
* The tech lead role requires enough experience to be able to lead a team and and design large complex features and systems, but we care much more about abilities and attitude than a specific number of years of experience