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1B-2, Indeevaram Building, KSITIL SEZ, Infopark, Koratty, Thrissur, Kerala - 680308


Career Opportunities:

Business Analyst

Position: Business Analyst
Experience range: 5+ Yrs
Location: Infopark, Koratty
Job Type: Full time permanent role

Job Description:
1. Analyse the structure of a business, how it uses technology and what its goals are
2. Identify problems within a business, including through using data modelling techniques
3. Communicate with senior people in organisations to find out what they hope to achieve
4. Formulate ways for businesses to improve, based on previous research
5. Persuade internal and external stakeholders of the benefits of new technology or strategies
6. Oversee the implementation of new technology and systems
7. Run workshops and training sessions
Skills Required:
1. Commercial awareness
2. Communication and interpersonal skills
3. Time management and organisational skills
4. Problem-solving skills
5. Analytical skills
6. Leadership and management skills
7. An interest in, and understanding of, project management techniques and computing systems
1. Competitive salary.
2. Key role in a strong and growing team.
3. Open and collaborative work culture.
4. Permanent Position.