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9th Floor, A1, Trans Asia Cyber Park Infopark Phase-II, Cochin

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Career Opportunities:

PCB Design Engineer with DDR4

12+ years of experience Engineers 
Required skillset: SI/PI, High speed, DDR4 with PCB design experience
Responsibilities and Duties
Create printed circuit board (PCB) design solutions for 10W to 300W power conversion boards, microcontroller systems, where high component density, high pin count device, and high layer count designs may be necessary
In conjunction with hardware design engineering and external vendors, generates, and uses design guidelines and design rules for implementation of printed circuit board design structures
Performs design rule checks (DRC) on the printed circuit board designs
Generates, verifies and validates Gerber data of PCB design
Prepare manufacturing package of the printed circuit board designs for use in fabrication and assembly of the PCB as required by established procedures
Create, verify and validate symbols representing the physical characteristics of electrical and mechanical components to be assembled PCB
Responsible for creation and maintenance of Printed Circuit Board related libraries
Perform schematic symbol creation and schematic entry as directed by engineers
Make modifications to product lines as directed by engineers
Confer with engineering staff to resolve design details or problems
Maintain technical relationships with PCB fabrication vendors, and resolves technical issues during PCB fabrication
Other duties as assigned
Qualifications and Skills

Experience with medium power boards, linear regulators, switching regulator layout and routing, techniques for low noise layout, and design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Experienced with FPGA’s theory and PCB layout;
Experienced in high frequency digital PCB layout(200MHz, 100MHz and up);
Experienced in DAC PCB layout;
Experience in DDR4
Experience in PCI
Experienced in differential circuit layout;
Experienced in Multiple Layout(at least 6 layers).
Proficiency with respect to IPC standards for printed circuit board design, and related design rule check operations
Experience with high voltage PCB layout (500V to kVs)
Experienced in multi-layer PCB Layout (including 6+ layers)

Job Type: Full-time

Email -

Address: Transasia Cyber Park, Suite 9A1 Infopark Phase II, Kochi, Kerala 682303, India