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SurveySparrow Pvt Ltd

Jyothirmaya, Infopark, Jyothirmaya Rd, Infopark Phase 2, Kakkanad, Kerala - 682030


Career Opportunities:

Senior Product Developer

Implementing the requirements on time with quality. Making it work and then making it better.
Commiting the timelines properly with the manager and the stakeholders and sticking to it.
Ability to understand the long term plan of the product and acting accordingly.
Helping the juniors and peers to equally succeed in their careers.
Continually learning the advancements in technology and being updated with the recent trends.
Collaborating with the product managers and QA to ensure the requirements are met.
Thinking outside the box and bringing fresh new ideas to the table to deliver an amazing product and experience.
Ability to come up with better and scalable solutions.
Owning the outcomes and being accountable for the work done. Being ready to iterate and pivot at any point of time.
Being part of a positive work environment, open to interacting with the peers and managers to improve the quality of work.
Understanding the requirements accurately and implementing it without any compromise.
Ability to produce bug free code. Unit testing the changes before handing over to QA.
Spending more time on how to improve the performance of the code.
Expanding knowledge across the entire stack of the product.
Being responsible and accountable for the module that you are working for.
Experience : 4-8 Years