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Cascade Revenue Management Pvt. Ltd

Unit No.504, 5th Floor,
World Trade Centre Kochi,
Infopark Kochi-Phase 1
SEZ, Kusumagiri PO,
Kakkanad, Kochi-682030

Phone0484 4861626

Career Opportunities:

Walk - in - Drive

We are conducting a Walk-in drive for freshers with good communication skills for the position of Trainee AR Associate.

Must have excellent proficiency in English (Spoken and Written).

Qualification : UG in any stream (Candidates with arrears can also be considered).

Ready to work in Night Shift and Voice process.

NOTE : Should have a Laptop/System(i3/i5/i7 5th gen & above) and a stable Broadband connection is a must. Employment is with a minimum of a 2-year bond.

Venue: Cascade Revenue Management Unit No 504, 5th Floor, World Trade Center Kochi Infopark Kochi- Phase 1 SEZ, Kusumagiri, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682030

Date : 20-May-2024 to 31-May-2024 (Monday to Friday)

Time : 10 AM - 4.00 PM

Things to bring for the Walk-in drive: Updated Resume & Educational Certificates

Job Description-

1. Perform pre-call analysis and check the status by calling the payer or using IVR or web portal services

2. Maintain adequate documentation on the client software to send the necessary documentation to insurance companies and maintain a clear audit trail for future reference.

3. Record after-call actions and perform post-call analysis for the claim follow-up

4. Assess and resolve inquiries, requests, and complaints through calling to ensure those customer inquiries are resolved at the first point of contact

5. Provide accurate product/ service information to customers, research available documentation including authorization, nursing notes, medical documentation on client's systems, interpret explanation of benefits received, etc before making the call

6. Perform analysis of accounts receivable data and understand the reasons for underpayment, days in A/R, top denial reasons, use appropriate codes to be used in documentation of the reasons for denials/underpayments" Benefits: Salary - Best in Industry / Excellent growth opportunity.

Contact Number of HRD: 6238904754, 6238813203, 6238813204


Virtual Receptionist (US Voice Process)

Job Type: Virtual Receptionist

Experience: 2- 5 years

Duties and Responsibilities for the Virtual Receptionist

. Virtual receptionist is responsible for maintaining the organization of a medical
office, and ensuring that the medical environment is welcoming, calm, and quiet for
patients and their families.
. Respond to emails and phone calls
. Faxing
. Schedule meetings
. Manage a contact list


. Minimum 2 years Proven experience as a Virtual Assistant or relevant role
(US inbound and outbound voice process)
. Should be willing to work in night shift
. Excellent communication skills
. Experience with word-processing software and spreadsheets (e.g. MS Office)
. Knowledge of online calendars and scheduling (e.g. Google Calendar)
. Excellent phone, email and instant messaging communication skills
. Excellent time management skills
. Solid organizational skills
. Work from Office
. Night Shift
. Two way cab facility
. Candidates from Kochi preferred

Drop your CV to


Nurse Practitioner

We are looking for Nurse Practitioner !!

Roles and Responsibilities:

* In a virtual caller profile, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) serve as pivotal members of the healthcare team, working closely with Medical Assistants to ensure patients receive comprehensive and timely medical guidance and support over the phone.

* One of the primary responsibilities of NPs in this role is to assist Medical Assistants in delivering accurate and relevant medical information to patients during phone consultations. They collaborate with Medical Assistants to ensure that patients' queries and concerns are addressed effectively and that they receive the necessary guidance regarding their health conditions, treatment options, and medications.

* Additionally, NPs play a crucial role in answering medical queries received by the call center, utilizing their clinical expertise to provide accurate and evidence-based information to patients. They assess the nature of the queries, evaluate patients' medical histories and symptoms, and offer informed advice and recommendations to address their healthcare needs.

* Furthermore, NPs provide valuable guidance to patients after consulting with healthcare providers and Medical Assistants. They review patients' medical records, discuss their concerns and symptoms, and collaborate with the healthcare team to develop personalized treatment plans and interventions. NPs follow up with patients to monitor their progress, address any ongoing concerns or questions, and make necessary adjustments to their treatment plans as needed.

* In essence, Nurse Practitioners in a virtual caller profile play an indispensable role in delivering accessible and convenient healthcare services to patients. Through their expertise in patient education, medical guidance, and treatment management, they contribute significantly to enhancing patients' health outcomes and overall well-being.

Skills Required:

* Prior clinical experience as a registered nurse is usually required, with a minimum of several years of experience preferred. Experience in a primary care or specialty setting is beneficial.
* Strong verbal and written communication skills are essential for effectively communicating with patients over the phone or through virtual platforms.
* NPs must be able to convey complex medical information clearly and empathetically.
* NPs must be able to collaborate effectively with other members of the healthcare team, including physicians, Medical Assistants, and support staff, to ensure coordinated and comprehensive patient care.