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GoodBits Tech Pvt Ltd

Ground Floor, Athulya IT Building SDB, Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi 682042 Phone : 0484 - 4022141 Email :

Phone+91 4844022141

Career Opportunities:

UI React Developers

We are looking for highly professional and energetic resources who can fulfill the following responsibilities.

Experience: 6+ yrs

Good experience with JavaScript and ES6+ features

- Must have solid understanding of variables, hoisting, closures, prototypes, callbacks and promises, Invocation context, async-await

- Experience with ReactJS and latest React features like Hooks

- Experience with React unit testing using Jest and Enzyme

- Experience with Isomorphic apps. Having knowledge in Next.js is preferable.

- Good to have work experience in styled components

- Ability to create pixel perfect HTML designs using HTML5 and CSS

- Good to have Node.js experience with API development

- Good to have experience with AWS lambda and cloudfront

The candidate should have 6+ years experience with good UI hands on experience.

Forward suitable resumes to