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Infopark, Koratty P.O, Thrissur, Kerala - 680308 Tel: +91 480 2733999 Email:

Phone+91 480 2733999

Career Opportunities:


Key Responsibilities:
1. Receive and examine design requirements for each project.
2. Research various design techniques to provide accurate designs for requested animations.
3. Use requested design tools, including physical and digital tools, to create initial designs
4. Create and elaborate on storyboards for requested projects.
5. Use existing tools to draw final frames to be animated.
6. Utilize industry animation tools or methods to finalize animation projects.
7. Work collaboratively with other animators to ensure consistency and accuracy of animated designs.

Qualification / Requirements:
1. 1-5 years of experience in drawing and 2d animating.
2. Experience using animation software, such as Adobe Animate, After Effects, Maya or Cinema 4D or Blender.
3. Proven ability to draw across different types of artistic styles.
4. Experience implementing different animation styles, including traditional animation, 3D computer animation, 2D vector
animation and others.
5. General computer literacy, including experience with common operating systems and productivity tools.
6. Strong desire and ability to work collaboratively to fulfill project demands.
7. Ability to work independently as needed.
8. Comfort presenting and explaining animations, storyboards and designs to stakeholders.
9. Significant attention to detail and patience to work carefully and efficiently.