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Experion Technologies

802, 8th Floor, Lulu Cyber Tower I Infopark SEZ, Kakkanad, Kochi - 682042


Career Opportunities:

Lead AI Engineer

• Experience of 7 - 9 years
• Proven hands on experience in the development ML and AI projects computer vision and/or NLP based
systems, with understanding on frameworks like PyTorch, Tensorflow, CNTK, Keras and/or similar
• Appeal to simplicity in solving the problem is a must have
• Conceptual depth on different AI concepts like deep learning, machine learning, classification, and
clustering problems
• Ability to read, understand and implement latest research papers from top conferences like NIPS,
CVPR, and ICML, and abstract the business viability of the same
• Strong Python programming skills
• Ability to quickly prototype solutions and perform critical analysis.
• Exposure to cloud solutions like Sagemaker, AzureML, ML-Flow and like services
• Cloud deployment experience along with CI/CD pipeline is a must to have skill.
• You're familiar with Flask or Heroku
• You have worked with time-series related data, 3D modelling etc
• You have backend development skill set, which helps to handle the packaging requirements for the ML
applications (Desirable)