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'Indeevaram', Infopark Thrissur, Koratty, Thrissur Kerala, India – 680308 Ph : +91 - 487 - 2970 700

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Operation Executive - 3+ years of experience - Thrissur Kerala

Operations executive are often the glue that holds an organisation together. So here you have an amazing opportunity to prove yourself. You will be responsible for people, operations, budgets, and strategy.
The responsibilities of an operations executive of ValueMentor can be hard work but extremely rewarding, with demonstrable results and a real impact on business outcomes.
• Oversee operational systems, processes, and infrastructure while looking for opportunities of improvement or revision.
• Anticipates and tracks operational and tactical risks and providing strategic solutions.
• Collaborates with other back-office team members to ensure seamless business execution, reinforce positive morale, and uphold company values.
• Manages day to day business of the operations department while balancing the responsibilities of other business lines.
• Plays a key role in Vendor management & Vendor Cost optimization
• Managing stock control and inventory checks.
• Having a keen eye on budgets and budgetary changes.
• Supporting the CEO or executive team’s vision and process ideals.
• Ensuring the team working on processes are happy and operating efficiently.
• Supporting all functions of the business to work together.
• The role also involves anticipating Internal Customer needs and delivering them.
• The role might typically be 9-6 but, depending on the work, you might be required to work shifts or part-time hours, as an operations manager is responsible for the smooth running of a service or organisation. The work will involve travel within the district.
• Supports back-office and firm-wide training programs, reinforcing tech and operations infrastructure between departments to ensure consistency and quality standards are met.
• Will require to act as a liaison between the organisation and regulatory bodies like SEZ Authorities, Panchayat etc.
• Day to Day Administrative responsibility
Skills Required:
• Addressing operational concerns and issues, monitoring overall customer satisfaction
• Developing and implementing operational procedures and policies
• Excellent interpersonal communication and organizing skills to coordinate activities.
• Ability to work with details and time-sensitive issues.
• Good decision-making skills and response to high-pressure situations
Education and Experience Required:
• Bachelor’s degree in program management, business or public administration, technical management, or related fields
• Minimum years of recent overall experience
• Preferably from nearby locations
• Preferably have a vehicle