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in Kerala

Company Jobs

ClaySys Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Infopark Phase 2

Phone0484 297 5311

Career Opportunities:

.Net Developers (2-5)

Experience 2-5 years
Locations: Cochin, Goa & Coimbatore Branches
Experienced in .NET Framework, C#, MVC/ASP.NET, WCF, etc.
Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
Work from Home with flexible working hours
Best in the Industry Salary

Write clean, scalable, and efficient code using .NET (ASP.NET/C#) programming
Creating or modifying existing code to add new features and improve performance
Coordinate with user groups during the implementation of application systems & ensure
complete satisfaction of functional requirements
Involved in design work across the application layers (front-end, services, and back-end)
Overall product testing when new features are implemented and debugging of issues
Able to handle security and authorization at the code level
Follow best practices, good naming conventions and generally accepted coding standards
Technical documentation for future reference


Data Engineer (2-5)

Locations: Cochin, Goa & Coimbatore Branches

Skills Required:

Good knowledge of data analysis, integration, data analytical platforms, and problem-solving skills.
Good knowledge of database architectures.
Good knowledge of creating data pipelines, big data platforms, data warehouses, and cloud platforms. Good knowledge of integrating Webservices/API with pipelines/SSIS packages.
Good knowledge/proficiency in Python, C++, Java, R, and SQL.
Familiarity/good knowledge of reporting tools like Power BI/SSRS etc.


Coordination with co-workers and clients to elucidate the requirements for each task.
Involvement in the data architecture design and generating infrastructure that allows big data to be accessed and analyzed.
Identify the existing architecture and suggest advanced implementations required.
Testing such structures to ensure that they are fit for use.
Preparing raw data for manipulation by data scientists.
Detecting and correcting errors in the process.
Ensuring that your work remains backed up and readily accessible to relevant co-workers
Remaining up-to-date with industry standards and technological advancements that will improve the quality of your outputs


Angular Developer (2-3)

Locations: Cochin, Goa & Coimbatore Branches

Design, develop, and maintain Angular web applications
Work with other developers to build and deploy applications
Troubleshoot and debug applications
Stay up-to-date on the latest Angular and web development technologies

General hands-on experience with foundational web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3,
Responsive Design, HTML APIs, REST APIs
Strong knowledge and experience in Javascript/Typescript
Proficiency with cloud computing services (AWS/Google Cloud/MS Azure)
Experience with Git (forking, branching, merging).
Experience with Angular Material and Angular CLI


Selenium Engineer (2-5)

Experience: 2-5 years

Locations: Cochin, Goa & Coimbatore Branches

Technical Roles and Responsibilities:

Maintaining existing tests scripts/regression suites
Attending Agile meetings (Daily scrum meeting/Sprint planning/Backlog refinement) on assigned projects, Developing and execute the Automation Test Scripts
Preparation of test scenarios/cases/execution and test results.
Implement automation using Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Selenium Grid, Cucumber,
Maven Integration, Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, and Jenkins Integration)
Inspecting Elements, Create Test Cases using Element locators and Selenium WebDriver
Enhance Test cases using Java Programming and JUnit / TestNG Annotations.
Knowing how to use API tools for testing like Postman
Parameterization, Synchronization, and define Test results
Cross Browser Testing and Parallel Test Execution,Understanding and Analyzing the
Application Under Test in terms of Object Identification.
Knowledge of AWS services. S3, EC2, AWS lambada, Java, C#

Behavioral Requirements:
Excellent communication skills
Ability to lead calls and client interaction
Independently work on tasks
Fast learner
Ability to multitask


RPA Developer (Fresher)

Exp: Fresher
Locations: Cochin, Goa & Coimbatore Branches

Skills Required;
Excellent written and verbal communication
Basic understanding of RPA.
Strong Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills
Ability to learn new technologies.
Basic programming skills
Basic Knowledge in SQL


Software Analyst - No Code (Freshers)

Experience: Fresher
Locations: Kochi & Coimbatore

Skills Required;
Excellent written and verbal communication
Basic understanding of RPA.
Strong Problem-Solving and Analytical Skills
Ability to learn new technologies.
Basic programming skills
Basic Knowledge in SQL