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RCG Global Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

UNIT III A, 3rd Floor, Carnival Phase 4, Infopark, Kakkanad , Kochi - 682042 Phone : +91 484 4035300 , +91 484 4055774

Phone 914844055774

Career Opportunities:

Java Developer

Looking for 3 plus years of Experienced Resources

Full software development lifecycle experience using Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Development, Waterfall and Agile, J2EE, or JEE core foundations, Spring, Spring Boot, and Microservices
Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to articulate conceptually and implement design while leading more junior-level team members.
Knowledgeable about Java programming antipatterns and when to avoid usage.
Basic understanding of JVM, its limitations, weaknesses, and workarounds.
Must have a strong understanding of Java core foundations: Java Data Types, Operations, Collections, Packages, Methods, Access Modifiers, Loops, Classes, Abstract Classes, Annotations, Enums, etc.
File IO and Serialization, Exceptions - Checked, Unchecked, JVM and Memory Management, Multithreading and Synchronization, and Dependency Injection
Familiar with various design and architectural patterns: MVC, Singleton, DAO, Factory, Adapter, Observer Patterns.
Familiarity with comprehensive Java frameworks such as Spring Framework, Spring IO, Spring Boot, Hibernate ORM, JMS API, and Java Persistence API (JPA) specification.
Hands-on familiarity with web service concepts of SOAP and RESTful web services.
Familiar with JSON, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), and XML API messaging structures.
Seasoned in implementing automated testing platforms in code through unit tests.
Familiar with SonarQue, Selenium, Junit, JMockit
Proficient understanding of code versioning
Familiar with tools such as Github.
Hands-on familiarity with build and deployment tools and processes
Apache Maven, POM Setup, Ant, Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Rundeck

Working time: Monday to Friday ( 4 PM to 1 AM IST)


IOS Developer

Job Profile: Strong working experience in iPhone Applications development.
Qualification: Bachelor's degree / Master's

Experience: 3 + years of experience.
Expert in building robust/fast iPhone applications, the experience of caching, good architecture, etc.
Help improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation, and performing code reviews.
Participate in brainstorming sessions and have the chance to contribute innovative and original ideas to our technology, algorithms, and product.
Work with the product and design team to understand end-user requirements and use cases, then translate that into a pragmatic and effective technical solution.
Expert in implementing web services / XML - Thorough knowledge of X-Code, Objective C, C#, Swift Experienced in developing, distributing, and Ad Hoc certificate creation and developing apps using these certificates.
At least done 2- 3 projects in swift are mandatory

Working Time: 04:00 PM - 01:00 AM IST (Monday to Friday)


Sr Software Engineer (.Net/VueJS)


Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Information Systems (CIS/MIS).
5+ years of Software Engineering experience
.NET Core
CSS/CSS grid
Familiar with CSS frameworks - Foundation
Visual Studio
Version control
Object Oriented
Knowledge of SOLID principles
Knowledge of dependency injection
Knowledge of debugging and exception handling
Experience with asynchronous programming
Knowledge of unit testing/mocking frameworks
IIS Experience
Agile/Scrum experience
Experience with clean architecture
Knowledge of DevOps principles
Experience with responsive design
Experience with logging frameworks
Knowledge of OWASP principles
Experience with Web API development
Complete knowledge of SDLC
Experience deploying to production environments
Knowledge of CI/CD concepts
Knowledge of design patterns (Gang of Four)

Nice to have:

Web forms experience
Some knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (VUE, Knockout, or similar framework)
Some knowledge of server administration
Some knowledge of containers
Some knowledge of Azure/AWS
Experience with coding standards
Experience with microservices

Timing: 2 to 11 PM IST


Project Manager

Looking for Resources with 15 to 30 days of Notice Period.

Experience Requirements:
• Minimum of 10 years experience in IT job functions and, a minimum of 5 years recent experience providing ‘hands-on’ project management direction at the first-line level, including all of the following:
• Direct technical team management of a team of no less than 5 team members and management of the associated project plan.
• Direct Project Management of the full project development life cycle (requirements definition through system implementation) or equivalent experience in the area for which the project manager was hired.
• Experience in one or more of RCG IT’s Solution Portfolio areas.
• Demonstrated success in a Solutions-oriented project environment.
• Demonstrated success in managing projects using Waterfall and Agile
• Career background must include a minimum of 3 years of hands-on management of an Application Development project covering at least four (4) of the standard system development life-cycle phases.
• Demonstrated ability to successfully design and implement a variety of complex systems and solutions or, for non-application development project managers: demonstrated ability to successfully perform as a project manager in the area of technical expertise for which the project manager was hired, e.g. Testing Manager.
• Demonstrated ability in the administration and technical supervision of senior and junior level technical personnel in the area of expertise for which the project manager was hired.
• Demonstrated experience in MS Suite of products, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and MS Project (or similar Project Management Tools).
• Demonstrated mastery of project control procedures such as Planning, Tracking, Change Management, Risk Management, Issue Management, Personnel Management, etc.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with all levels of technical and management personnel.
• Completed formal training in Project Management.

Special Licenses or Certification Requirements

• College Degree (Computer Science, Engineering, or Management related field)
• PMP Certification a plus.
• Certified at Scrum Master Level

The RCG IT Project Manager is expected to:
• Provide your experience in IT project management and leadership in an independent fashion requiring minimal direction from senior RCGIT management.
• Perform relationship management, communications, negotiations, and problem-solving with the client, project team, and subcontractors.
• Demonstrate industry, technology, and business expertise and leadership as required for the solution and project environment.
• Exercise sound business judgment while managing the project.
• Satisfy the minimum job requirements as defined in the Position Qualifications section of this document.
• Act as the focal point in all matters concerning the day-to-day management of the project, and as the formal first-line management contract between the client, RCG IT, and the project team.
• Learn and adhere to the RCG IT’s Engagement Process (Sales and Delivery), RCG IT’s Project Management Methodology (PACE), corporate standards, policies and practices, and any standards or guidelines mutually agreed upon with the client, the region, and IQA.
• Read, learn, and adhere to the RCG IT MSA with the client, including any Confidentiality Agreements, License Agreements, Maintenance Agreements, or other legal obligations taken on by RCG IT for the project and with the client.
• Review and approve the accuracy and completeness of all RCT IT project work effort estimates, including estimates for project changes.
• Using MS Project, develop, finalize, and ensure the accuracy of the project plan for the assignment. Review with and obtain IQA concurrence with the plan before delivery to the client.
• Manage and control the establishment of the project environment, including the coordination of the acquisition, installation, and operational validation of any hardware and/or software required for the project.
• Manage and control the selection, and/or hiring of project personnel (both RCG IT and Client) as required by the SOW/LOE and project plan including additions and/or replacements as mutually agreed to by RCGIT and/or Client during the project execution
• Monitor the performance of both RCG IT and client personnel assigned to the project and in consultation, with RCG IT and client management, recommend changes as necessary.
• Plan and conduct Project Kick-off Meetings with all the client and RCG IT project team members and key client stakeholders to review appropriate contractual documents (e.g., SOW/LOE, MSA, project estimates, etc.) to ensure full understanding by the Client and RCG It as to their obligations, roles, and responsibilities during the execution of the project.
• Review RCG IT’s Quality Assurance/Quality Gate Review procedures and completion criteria with the project team and appropriate client personnel so as to ensure an understanding of the criteria required to move to the next project phase or activity as per the approved project plan.
• Review the Deliverable Acceptance Criteria with the appropriate client personnel who will participate in providing sign-off approval of project Deliverables.
• Manage the overall direction of the project via the effective and efficient assignment or project resources in the execution of all project plan phases, activities, and tasks as set forth in the SOW/LOE and/or approved Change Controls and the associated project plan to ensure the timely and satisfactory execution of the project that meets project schedule an financial budget targets.
• Manage vendor selection and subcontractor contracts, if applicable to the project.
• Review and approve all plans, processes and/or procedures established by the project Architect(s), Client IT and Business units, and the client Project Executive/Project Manager.
• Review and approve the quality and completeness of the work performance by the project team including all Deliverables.
• Manage all project changes via the RCG IT Change Control Procedure, i.e., prepare, review and approve all project Change Control Forms (CCFs) and their estimates and, implement as required once approved.
• Review, approve and coordinate the development and dissemination of all client presentations and project correspondence.
• Manage client expectations regarding project schedule, Deliverables, and Milestones through the lifecycle of the project and obtain client feedback on each.
• Review and approve all project personnel time and activity reporting on a weekly basis against project plan assigned work, i.e.,,, timesheets, project plan activity, and task actual start and end dates and hours per task reporting.
• Update the project plan on a weekly basis to reflect actual task start and end dates, hours burned by the resource by task, and estimates to complete by the resource by task.
• Develop remediation plans when necessary or as requested to keep the project on schedule and within the cost and schedule boundaries set forth in the SOW/LOE and, adjust the project plan and personnel assignments to ensure that the project remains on schedule and achieves SOW/LOE project objectives.
• Evaluate project progress against the approved project plan on a weekly basis to ensure RCGIT management (region and IQA) receives full and accurate information regarding the client and the engagement’s status and activities.
• Monitor and manage the documentation, assignment, resolution, and reporting of all project-related issues and risks including personnel issues to Client and RCG IT management.
• Ensure that all project documents (e.g. Status Reports, Project Plans, Deliverables, etc.) are posted to the RCG IT Knowledge Repository (Livelink) immediately upon their completion (and approval if required).
• Prepare, review, and present to IQA the detailed material required for all Project Reviews (mini or full reviews)).
• Provide administrative and technical guidance to the project team to ensure an open level of communications from the project team to the client and to RCG IT management.
• Mentor, coach, and motivate the project team members to accomplish their assignments on time within budget and, according to the standards set forth for the project Deliverables

Monday to Friday(4 PM to 1 AM IST)