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RCG Global Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

UNIT III A, 3rd Floor, Carnival Phase 4, Infopark, Kakkanad , Kochi - 682042 Phone : +91 484 4035300 , +91 484 4055774

Phone 914844055774

Career Opportunities:

HR Recruiter

Job Title: HR Executive- Talent Acquisition
Position: Recruiter
Job Type: Full-Time Employment


We are looking for an HR Recruiter with 4 plus years of strong experience in IT Recruitment. He/she should be able to partner with the hiring manager to determine the staffing needs and to work at pace with the team to close the active open positions.

1. Working as part of the Talent Acquisition team to recruit and onboard skilled resources at the right time.
2. Supporting the HR Operations team until the Onboarding activities of the candidate are completed.
3. Act as the primary recruiting point of contact for hiring managers, candidates, and consultants
4. Posting the Job requirements by various means and channels to attract talent
5. Implement sourcing strategies to identify talented candidates
6. Screening the candidates based on the requirement
7. Conducting initial telephonic Interviews with the candidates and arranging the technical interviews
8. Maintain and manage the MIS report to track all open positions and candidates Coordinating Technical Test and interview with the technical team
9. Conducting follow-up on the interview on a daily basis and updating the same

Skill Requirements

• Knowledge of IT Recruitment
• Strong Computer skills with an ability to maintain proper MIS for regular tracking
of positions and candidates
• Proficient in Microsoft Office applications(Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
• English Language skills - Excellent written and verbal communication
• Adept at event planning
• A minimum of 4 -years of recruitment experience
• Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience


Test Automation /SDET

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
3 + years of experience in Quality Assurance
Strong knowledge of test automation tools
Strong knowledge of Page Object Model, Data-driven testing
Strong experience and Thought-Leader in Quality Assurance and testing practices
Strong knowledge of continuous integration and delivery systems
Strong technical skills in using tools such as XML; Jira; Selenium web driver
Expertise in Java test writing and development
Ability to interact with developers and Technology managers at a technical level
Must be able to work with a geographically dispersed team
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong attention to detail
Basic understanding of application development processes and tools
Fast learner. Able to pick up new concepts and technologies quickly
Works effectively within a team


Android Developer

Job Profile: - Strong working experience in Android Mobile Technology.

Qualification: Bachelor's degree / Master

Experience: 4 plus years of experience in Android development (reference applications required)

Expert in building robust/fast Android applications, experience in caching, good architecture, etc.

Must have knowledge of Kotlin and develop applications using Kotlin.

Expert in implementing web services / XML - Applicants must ideally have commercial experience in delivering a rich media or communications application development for Android.

Strong logical, analytical, and communication skills

Thorough knowledge of Java, J2ME, and Android SDK.

Knowledge integration of web services/ APIs into the app

Candidates exposed to the full life cycle of App development will be preferred.

Have a keen sense of Mobile app designs

Strong experience detecting and correcting memory usage issues, and optimizing code for application performance.

Working Time: 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM IST (Monday to Friday)


Java Developer

Looking for 4 plus years of Experienced Resources

Full software development lifecycle experience using Object-Oriented Analysis, Design, and Development, Waterfall and Agile, J2EE, or JEE core foundations, Spring, Spring Boot, and Microservices
Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to articulate conceptually and implement design while leading more junior-level team members.
Knowledgeable about Java programming antipatterns and when to avoid usage.
Basic understanding of JVM, its limitations, weaknesses, and workarounds.
Must have a strong understanding of Java core foundations: Java Data Types, Operations, Collections, Packages, Methods, Access Modifiers, Loops, Classes, Abstract Classes, Annotations, Enums, etc.
File IO and Serialization, Exceptions - Checked, Unchecked, JVM and Memory Management, Multithreading and Synchronization, and Dependency Injection
Familiar with various design and architectural patterns: MVC, Singleton, DAO, Factory, Adapter, Observer Patterns.
Familiarity with comprehensive Java frameworks such as Spring Framework, Spring IO, Spring Boot, Hibernate ORM, JMS API, and Java Persistence API (JPA) specification.
Hands-on familiarity with web service concepts of SOAP and RESTful web services.
Familiar with JSON, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), and XML API messaging structures.
Seasoned in implementing automated testing platforms in code through unit tests.
Familiar with SonarQue, Selenium, Junit, JMockit
Proficient understanding of code versioning
Familiar with tools such as Github.
Hands-on familiarity with build and deployment tools and processes
Apache Maven, POM Setup, Ant, Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef, Rundeck
Familiarity with continuous integration, and continuous development/delivery.

Working Time: 9.00 AM to 6 PM /4:00 PM - 1:00 AM IST/ 2 PM to 11 PM IST (Monday to Friday)


IOS Developer

Job Profile: Strong working experience in iPhone Applications development.
Qualification: Bachelor's degree / Master's

Experience: 3+ years of experience.
Expert in building robust/fast iPhone applications, the experience of caching, good architecture, etc.

Help improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation, and performing code reviews.

Participate in brainstorming sessions and have the chance to contribute innovative and original ideas to our technology, algorithms, and product.

Work with the product and design team to understand end-user requirements and use cases, then translate that into a pragmatic and effective technical solution.

Expert in implementing web services / XML - Thorough knowledge of X-Code, Objective C, C#, Swift Experienced in developing, distributing, and Ad Hoc certificate creation and developing apps using these certificates.

At least done 2- 3 projects in swift are mandatory

Working Time: 04:00 PM - 01:00 AM IST (Monday to Friday)


Sr Software Engineer (.Net/VueJS)

Skills Required
Minimum Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Information Systems (CIS/MIS).
5+ years Software Engineering experience
.NET Core
CSS/CSS grid
Familiar with CSS frameworks - Foundation
Visual Studio
Version control
Object Oriented
Knowledge of SOLID principles
Knowledge of dependency injection
Knowledge of debugging and exception handling
Experience with asynchronous programming
Knowledge of unit testing/mocking frameworks
IIS Experience
Agile/Scrum experience
Experience with clean architecture
Knowledge of DevOps principles
Experience with responsive design
Experience with logging frameworks
Knowledge of OWASP principles
Experience with Web API development
Complete knowledge of SDLC
Experience deploying to production environments
Knowledge of CI/CD concepts
Knowledge of design patterns (Gang of Four)

Nice to have:

Web forms experience
Some knowledge of JavaScript frameworks (VUE, Knockout, or similar framework)
Some knowledge of server administration
Some knowledge of containers
Some knowledge of Azure/AWS
Experience with coding standards
Experience with micro services