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Strands Energy Pvt. Ltd
1A-1; "Indeevaram", 1st Floor - A Wing Infopark Thrissur, Koratty P.O., Kerala – 680 308 Tel: 0480 – 2731125, 26, Email:,
  • Career Opportunities:
    This is a dedicated Software Engineer role focused around the efficacy and operationalization of our software development pipeline and toolchain. In this position, the candidate will be working in the development of the front end and middleware services of a Web-based application for the real-time control system. The candidate will be expected to work in a fast-moving environment, across multiple projects and as part of multi-disciplinary teams in India and North America.

    Our main technical requirement is in Web Development, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the following areas: -

    • Web Development
    o HTML 5
    o CSS 3/SCSS
    o JavaScript & JS Frameworks
    o Bootstrap

    • Front Ends
    o Angular
    o PHP (optional)

    • Back Ends
    o NodeJS
    o C#

    • Database Technologies.
    • Inter-Process Communication methods (optional)
    Software Engineer - Web Developer
    Minimum 2 years of experience in the following areas

    1. Web Development Basics
    a. HTML 5
    b. CSS 3/SCSS
    c. JavaScript & JS Frameworks
    d. Bootstrap
    2. Front Ends
    a. Angular
    b. PHP (optional)
    3. Back Ends
    a. NodeJS
    b. C#
    4. Database Technologies
    5. Inter-Process Communication methods (optional)

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