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Company Jobs >> Cognicor Technologies Pvt.Ltd
Cognicor Technologies Pvt.Ltd
4th Floor Thapasya Building, Infopark, Kusumagiri P.O Kakkanad, Kochi - 682030
  • Career Opportunities:
  • Front End Engineer
    CogniCor is looking for !!

    A skilled Front-end engineer responsible for building complex business applications using cutting-edge web technologies. As a key contributor on the team, you will be instrumental in implementing clean, compelling, responsive ​and coherent user experiences for our consumer, internal operational and value chain constituents across a wide variety of enterprise applications.

    Job Duties

    Build robust, maintainable, enterprise-level web applications using a modern static front-end stack
    Fully implement user interfaces using modular, componentized JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
    Utilize a JavaScript framework to implement performant, scalable solutions to business requirements
    Perform unit testing, and write documentation
    Work with UI/UX teams to translate wireframes and comps into interactive HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with designers, product managers, middle-tier developers and other front end developers
    Collaborate with middle-tier developers on the design and implementation of RESTful APIs
    Produce high-quality, properly functioning deliverables to specified deadlines
    Estimate tasks with a level of granularity and accuracy commensurate with information provided
    Take direction from a team lead

    1. HTML5/CSS3
    2. Javascript
    3. Angular2+
    4. CSS preprocessor like SASS,LESS
    5. Vesrion controlling tool

    1. Nodejs
    2. Python
    3. REST
    4. MongoDB
    5. Photoshop/Illustrator skills

    Experience: Minimum 1 year

    Debugging & Unit testing
    Full Stack Engineer
    As a Full-stack Engineer, we expect you to have,

    Demonstrable proficiency and experience in Python.
    Experience in REST API Development using Flask/Django/MongoDB.
    In-depth Knowledge of code versioning using Git
    Proficient experience using frontend JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular/VueJs

    What gives you the competitive edge among others?

    Experience in Celery, Redis
    Experience in Unix Shell
    Experience in Java
    It's even better if you are familiar with some of docker/kubernetes/jenkins/nginx.

    Day-to-day responsibilities of the above job include:

    Responsible for design, development, testing, and deployment of highly scalable distributed services.
    Software development of machine learning back-end (Deploying and Scaling the ML models)
    Building and managing dataset management pipeline
    Managing code and modules in production

    What would you get to learn?

    Our present and future work involve working on Flask/Django/Spring, Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GPUs and Machine Learning. You can contribute in any space which will enable you to learn more about that domain.

    About CogniCor

    We are much sought after for our award-winning AI Technology. We are built on innovation and have implemented top-of-the-class Virtual Agents across various sectors in Asia, USA and Europe.

    We offer a startup environment that fosters thinking out of the box and reward initiatives. Here, the sky is not the limit - your ambitions are. Being the recipient of several prestigious awards like “Delighting tomorrow’s customer award” by British Telecom, “Most innovative web startup” award by European Commission, an employee at Cognicor would be exposed to real-life implementation of AI technology and interaction with top minds in the field of AI and NLP.
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