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Paycommerce Solutions Pvt Ltd
2nd Floor, Athulya Infopark Kochi Kusumagiri P.O Kakkanad, Kochi - 682030 Ph: +91.484.4215555
  • Career Opportunities:
  • WebMethods Admin(7-12 Years)
    Seeking for a SoftwareAG webMethods administrator with 8+ years of IT experience and having atleast 5 years hands on in
    administering and using SoftwareAG suite of products.

    Mandatory Technical / Functional Skills:
    Integration server 9.8 (admin)
    Universal Messaging 9.8(admin)
    Trading server 9.8 (admin)
    My webMethods Server 9.8(admin)
    Optimize for Infrastructure 9.8(admin)
    Optimize for Process 9.8
    Command Central 9.8(admin)
    Platform Manager 9.8(admin)
    Centrasite 9.8
    Terracotta 9.8
    Enterprise Gateway Server 9.8
    webMethods Deployer
    JDBC, WebSphere MQ and SWIFT adapters
    Unix, Linux, CentOS
    Roles and Responsibilities:

     Install, configure, set-up, monitor, maintain and administration of various SAG components/products such as Integration
    Server, Terracotta Server, Universal Messaging, My webMethods Server, Trading Networks, Optimize, Centrasite, Command
    Central on different environments.
     set up Clustering on Integration Servers using Terracotta Server Array and Active/Active clustering of Universal Messaging and
    MywebMethods servers
     To upgrade SAG components/products from one version to another across different environments
     To apply fixes, patches, service packs on various SAG components/products across different environments as deemed
     Understanding of webMethods FlowService.
     Experience in developing and implementation of application interfaces based on webMethods technology.
     Responsible for webMethods deployment/code migration across different environments.
     Ability to troubleshoot, provide solutions for any issues that occur in SoftwareAG webMethods related to webMethods
    installation, configuration, performance and/or application specific services
     Co-ordinate and Work with SoftwareAG webMethods vendor to resolve product related and/or application specific issues
     Need to have a good understanding for setting-up of Reverse Invoke Proxy/ Enterprise Gateway server in a DMZ
     Should be able to provide recommendations and be able to set up a DR environment
     Performance tuning and JVM Heap Management
     Good understanding of SSL and configuration of HTTPS on the server(s).
     Knowledge on generating the certificates and creating certificate signing request (CSR) and maintaining of key and trust stores
    for managing certificates.
     To identify and resolve issues with adapters, specifically, experience with Software AG webMethods JDBC adapters,
    WebSphere MQ adapter, SWIFT adapter and with framework/technologies, specifically, knowledge of XML/XSLT, JSON, Javabased
    development (JSP/Servlets, JMS, JDBC, etc. Web Services (REST/SOAP, WSDL, UDDI) and UNIX shell scripting
    along with Java/J2EE development experience.
     Constantly evaluate the current architecture of the webMethods environment and make recommendations and changes that
    will ensure availability, reliability, recoverability and stable growth. Recommends best-practice solutions for webMethods
     Monitor system activity and recommend system parameter tuning for optimum performance and capacity planning
     Maintain technical documentation that supports the webMethods environments
     Troubleshoot complex functional and technical incidents occurring on webMethods systems
     Analyze and tune memory consumption and garbage collection routines on various webMethods servers to ensure efficient
    use of system resources
     Provide on-call and after hours support for production environments
     Automation of webMethods Admin tasks on both Windows and Linux OS, including but not limited to backups and reboots.
     Research, develop, and deploy automation scripts and tools to improve the teams overall efficiency
     Experience in version control and configuration management
    Email:  mrafiyudin@paycommerce.com
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